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Unnecessary heating and cooling costs are incurred each year by Austin residents as a result of faulty and improper attic insulation. This is costing thousands of Austin property owners a lot of money.  Let’s face it, energy costs are only going up.

In case you didn’t know, improper roofing ventilation and insulation cause drastic temperature rise by up to 25% or more.  The hotter your attic area, the harder it is to keep your home feeling nice.

Because of the increase of surrounding temperature inside your home, your air conditioning system is forced to work harder, consuming twice as much energy, to compensate for the excess heat.  This in turn can shorten the life of your AC unit.

Austin’s Climate Calls for Better Attic Insulation

As you know, Austin’s climate can be harsh and subtropical at times, which could take a toll on your home, exposing it to significant amount of heat, causing the home’s exterior to heat up.  Humidity is not friendly to homes in Austin.  Combined with the heat, well you see where this is going.  It can be just plain miserable outside, so why allow that to transfer to the inside of your Austin Home?

Sadly, ordinary fiberglass insulation alone isn’t enough to completely stop the heat from moving into your home’s living space. With just a regular fiberglass insulation alone, the heat just isn’t efficiently blocked enough and could cause discomfort during hot summer months.  Let’s not forget the Winter.  Proper insulation in winter time is equally important.  This may not be the East Coast, but you know that winters in Texas can be brutal (at least by our standards).  You want to be able to retain as much heat in your home monthly without blowing that money out the window needlessly!


Thankfully, there is technology available today in the form of radiant barrier foil to remedy this problem. Radiant barrier foil works by resisting heat transfer by reflecting it back out of the house, unlike ordinary insulation systems, which only slow down the movement of heat and air. Without the excess heat, the temperature inside your home is greatly reduced. Your air conditioning system wouldn’t work as much and you enjoy the following benefits:

  • A 40% decrease in your heating and cooling system consumption
  • Less stress for your air conditioning unit
  • A more regulated and comfortable ambient temperature in your home’s interior
  • A roof that works longer

attic insulation company near me

How Radiant Barrier Foil Works

Radiant Barrier Foil is made from aluminum. Because of this, it works by bouncing off the Sun’s heat that comes in contact with it. Interestingly, Aluminum only absorbs 5% of the heat that comes in contact with it, with 97% of the heat being deflected.

radiant barrier insulation austin

Aluminum also has lesser density. As such, it conducts less amount of heat, making the heat dissipate harmlessly before it gets to other parts of your home’s attic.

This principle is also true during the colder months. But this time, the heat that is produced by your home’s heating system is deflected back into the home’s interior. The heat is therefore trapped, allowing your home’s interior to stay warm. Incredibly, the indoor temperature remains evenly distributed, allowing you to consume less electricity, saving you money on your monthly electric bill.

The following are several of the benefits that you will get with Radiant Barrier Austin Insulation:

    • Convenient installation – Little to NO hassle, as radiant barrier foil is placed over and stapled on to the roofing joists. Setting up the barriers normally only lasts within a day when done by a professional.  From there our installers tape each seam to insure a sealed finish.
    • Durability and Reliability – Radiant barrier foil does not rot, decay or corrode, like its ordinary insulation counterpart. Materials made out of aluminum are also not vulnerable to damages caused by pests. In fact, multiple tests have shown that aluminum can last up to 10 years even with frequent exposure to extreme and harsh weather conditions.
    • Convenience – When setting up a radiant barrier foil, there’s no need remove any existing insulation. It can complement most types of insulation systems.
    • Comfort – Take advantage of extreme comfort throughout the year. Almost instantly, you will feel the change in temperature as your home’s interior remains cooler during the summer months, and warm and cozy during the cold seasons. You will also avoid the sudden increase of humid temperatures as a result of inconsistent interior temperature.
    • Savings – Save up to 40% on your heating and cooling consumption. The hundreds of dollars you save annually will pay for the investment you’ve made with radiant barrier foil quickly.

Green Energy – Austin Insulation

Our society today along with modern technology have come up with some of the best cutting edge green energy solutions forgreen energy insulation keeping your Austin home insulation efficient to keep costs down and leave a smaller carbon footprint in the world.  Who doesn’t love green energy solutions?  Radiant barrier insulation and spray foam insulation are now the leaders in the green movement for energy conservation.  These solutions actually work and continue to do so for decades after they are installed.  This isn’t one of those, “well it kinda does what they claim” situations.  You will feel the difference the day it is installed and it will also be reflected on your following months electric bill.

The City of Austin Recognizes the Need for Radiant Barrier Foil

Did you know that the City of Austin has now mandated the use of radiant barrier foil to be installed on every new home being constructed?  The City of Austin knows from their own research the necessity and powerful performance of radiant barrier foil in a home.  If it didn’t perform as well as they have found, they probably wouldn’t have amended the city building code to now include it!

Austin Insulation By ATX Radiant Barrier & Insulation Is Simply the Best

ATX Radiant Barrier & Insulation is the leading Austin insulation company and offers a wide range of home attic insulation solutions for Austin residents including homeowners, property managers, and construction contractors.  Whether you need a one time application or wish to partner with us to be your go-to attic insulation company in Austin, ATX Radiant Barrier & Insulation is here for you!  Don’t trust your Austin insulation needs to just anyone.  Our work speaks for itself and our customers love us because of it!  Here at ATX Radiant Barrier & Insulation, we are THE Austin Insulation Professionals.

Attic Insulation Services We Offer:best insulation company in austin

The ATX Radiant Barrier & Insulation Guarantee

For your peace of mind, ATX Radiant Barrier & Insulation is licensed, bonded and insured. We make a point of following the most stringent of guidelines and procedures for safety for all our roofing and attic insulation projects. With our insulation products and services, you can rest assured that your home is always safe.

Put a stop to wasting thousands of dollars each year on unnecessary energy consumption! ATX Radiant Barrier & Insulation provides you with the perfect solution to all your insulation, cooling and heating requirements. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you lower your energy costs, have a more energy-efficient property and a more comfortable living space in your home.

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