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Radiant Barrier Austin – Take Advantage of a 20% DISCOUNT on New Projects for Radiant Barrier Insulation and Foil

Air-conditioning ThermostatEach year, unnecessary heating and cooling costs as a result of faulty and improper insulation are costing thousands of Austin property owners thousands of dollars.

In case you didn’t know, improper roofing ventilation and insulation cause drastic temperature rise by up to 25%.

Because of the increase of surrounding temperature inside your home, your air conditioning system is forced to work harder, consuming twice as much energy, to compensate for the excess heat.

As you know, Austin has a harsh, subtropical climate, which could take a toll on your home, exposing it to significant amount of heat, causing the home’s exterior to heat up.

Sadly, ordinary insulation isn’t enough to completely stop the heat from moving into your home’s living space. With just a regular insulation, the heat could cause discomfort during hot summer months.

Thankfully, radiant heat barriers are available to remedy this problem. Radiant barriers work by resisting heat transfer by reflecting it, unlike ordinary insulation systems which only slow down the movement of heat. Without the excess heat, the temperature inside your home is greatly reduced. Your air conditioning system wouldn’t work as much and you enjoy the following benefits:

  • A whopping 40% decrease in your heating and cooling system consumption
  • Lesser load for your air conditioning unit
  • A more regulated and comfortable ambient temperature in your home’s interior
  • A roof that works longer

How It Works

Radiant heat barriers are made from aluminum. Because of this, they work by bouncing off the heat that comes in contact with them. Interestingly, Aluminum only absorbs 5% of the heat that comes in contact with it, with 95% of the heat being deflected.

ATX Radiant Barrier & Insulation
Aluminum also has lesser density. As such, it conducts less amount of heat, making the heat dissipate harmlessly before it gets to other parts of your home’s attic.

This principle is also true during the colder months. But this time, the heat that is produced by your home’s heating system is deflected back into the home’s interior. The heat is therefore trapped, allowing your home’s interior to stay warm. Incredibly, the indoor temperature remains evenly distributed, allowing you to consume less electricity.

The following are several of the benefits that you will get with radiant barriers:

  • Convenient installation – Little to NO hassle, as radiant barriers are placed over or stapled on to the roofing joists. Setting up the barriers normally only lasts within a day when done by a professional.
  • Durability and Reliability – Radiant heat barriers do not rot, decay or corrode, like its ordinary insulation counterpart. Materials made out of aluminum are also not vulnerable to damages caused by pests. In fact, multiple tests have shown that aluminum can last up to 10 years even with frequent exposure to extreme and harsh weather conditions.
  • Convenience – When setting up a radiant heat barrier, there’s no need remove any existing insulation. It can complement most types of insulation system.
  • Comfort – Take advantage of extreme comfort throughout the year. Almost instantly, you will feel the change in temperature as your home’s interior remains cooler during the summer months, and warm and cozy during the cold seasons. You will also avoid the sudden increase of humid temperatures as a result of inconsistent interior temperature.
  • Savings – Save up to 40% on your heating and cooling consumption. The hundreds of dollars you save annually will pay for the investment you’ve made with radiant barriers quickly.

Your Guarantee

For your peace of mind, ATX Radiant Barrier & Insulation is licensed, bonded and insured. We make a point of following the most stringent of guidelines and procedures for safety for all our roofing and insulation projects. With our products and service, you can rest assured that your home is always safe.

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Put a stop to wasting thousands of dollars each year on unnecessary energy consumption! ATX Radiant Barrier & Insulation provides you with the perfect solution to all your insulation, cooling and heating requirements. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you lower your energy costs, have a more energy-efficient property and a more comfortable living space in your home.



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Radiant Barrier Services


Improper installation can render your radiant barrier ineffective. Make sure you hire the right guys to do the job for you. ATX Radiant Barrier & Insulation offers top of the line radiant barrier services and installations including:

Radiant Barrier Foil

One of the most widely used forms of radiant heat barriers in the country. Radiant barrier foil is very affordable and generally can be installed in about one day. That’s why it’s a favorite among homeowners and contractors alike!

Radiant barrier foil an be installed in a multitude of ways, making it ideal for quick home remodeling projects or roof repairs. This material will NOT interfere with any existing insulation and roofing components. Once it’s installed, you’ll barely notice it’s there.


Radiant Barrier Spray

Often used with radiant barrier foil, radiant barrier spray can be applied on uneven roofing structures and irregular attic beams. Because it is sprayed, it can reach even the trickiest nooks and crannies.Radiant barrier spray is also very useful if you’re just not ready to have anything stapled, installed, nailed, or laid out on your attic, especially if you have an antique home. Radiant barrier spray is also a cost-effective way to get started in “heat-proofing” your home.


Attic Insulation

When it comes to insulation…we’ve got you covered. You can rest assured that our selection of attic insulation is the best in the industry.


Attic Solar Fans

Enjoy longer roof life and a cooler home with an solar attic fan. Solar attic fans can help you lower your attic temperature by using the energy of the sun. A solar-powered motorized fan moves the hot air out of your attic so your home stays cool, even during summer months.


Attic Tents

Attics can get very hot, very quickly. The hot attic air can seep down through your attic door and increase the ambient temperature of your home. This forces the air conditioning system to consume more energy. Attic tents can reduce this transfer of hot air by 71%.


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